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Azim Premji

August 10, 2009

Azim Premji

Azim Hasim Premji is the Chairman and CEO of Wipro Limited, an IT company based in Bangalore. He was born on July 24, 1945 in Mumbai.
He finished his schooling from St. Mary’s School I.C.S.E in Mumbai.Premji was just finishing his undergraduate engineering studies at Stanford University in 1966 his father M.H. Premji passed away. He immediately returned to India where he took over the family’s fledgling vegetable oil business. Premji started off with a simple vision: to build an organization on a foundation of values.
Wipro started in 1947 with the setting up of an oil factory in Amalner, a small town in Maharashtra. Wipro¬タルs products Sunflower Vanaspati and Laundry Soap were sold primarily in the states of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Earlier, the company was named Western India Products Limited. Under Azim¬タルs leadership, the company ventured into different sectors. The company began manufacturing light bulbs in collaboration with General Electric and other consumer products including soaps, baby care products, shampoos, powder etc. A business unit manufacturing hydraulic cylinders and truck tippers was started in 1975. Later in 1979, Azim selected the name Wipro. With the expulsion of IBM from the Indian market in 1975, Wipro entered the Information and Technology (IT) field. Wipro started manufacturing computer hardware, software development and related items under a special license from Sentinel. A large percentage of the company¬タルs revenues today are generated by the IT division.
Azim Premji was conferred an honorary doctorate by the Manipal Academy of Higher Education in 2000 and was also adjudged the Business Man of the Year 2000 by Business India and Business Leader of the Year 2004 by the Economic Times. He is a member of the Prime Minister¬タルs Advisory Committee for Information Technology in India. He has also established Azim Premji Foundation, a non-profit organization working for children in India, in the year 2000.
One of the best Entrepreneurs the country has ever seen. A man with a simple vision who has built an organization on the foundation of values. What the country needs is the upliftment of a good younger generation to keep it economically booming and his foundation helps in making a tangible impact on the society focusing on the quality of elementary education being provided to all schools in the rural and the urban sectors. There is much more to say on how he creates an impact on the society and the above is just a small fragment of his small vision
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