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Automotive Software

August 10, 2009

Automotive software is software used in microcontroller in automobiles. These microcontrollers are usually specific to automotive applications usually containing integrated bus transceivers interfaces for bus systems like LIN, CAN, MOST, LAN among others. Currently, automobile manufacturers use a software architecture consisting of different electronic control units (ECUs), a gateway and sensors. The gateway is responsible for deciding which information at a certain ECU or sensor should be routed to which other ECU. There are typically 6 different kinds of ECUs:

  1. Body ECU for headlights, brake lights, windscreen wipers, air conditioning, power windows
  2. Comfort ECU for seat and steering position adjustment, seat heating
  3. Powertrain ECU for fuel injection, battery Recharging
  4. Dashboard ECU for speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge
  5. Entertainment ECU for audio/video Systems
  6. Extended ECU
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