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Apache Software Foundation

August 10, 2009

Products Released By Apache Software Foundation

The Apache Software Foundation is a decentralized community of developers. The software they produce is distributed under the terms of the Apache License and is therefore free software / open source software. Eight members grouped together and started this in 1994. They have released number of products.

Mostly they have released Tools, Middlewares, API and DataBase. They have released the following tools and applications

  • Apache Directory Studio
  • Apache Log4j
  • Apache ODE (Orchestration Director Engine)
  • Apache Axis- XML based Web service framework
  • Apache Open for Business (apache OFBiz)
  • Apache Struts
  • Apache Jackrabbit
  • Apache Beehive
  • ANT- Java-based build tool

They have released the following middlewares

  • Apache HTTP Server
  • Geronimo
  • Apache Directory Server
  • Apache Tomcat (application server)

The following are the API released by Apache

  • Apache POI
  • Apache Portable Runtime API
  • Lucence API

The following are the DataBase released by them

  • Apache Derby

The above are the major products released by Apache Software Foundation.

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