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Agile Unified Process

August 10, 2009

Agile Modeling

Satisfying the customer requirement.
Agile models are just barely enough

Test Driven Development (TDD)
Agile model Driven Development (AMDD)
Agile change management
Database refractory
Agile model Driven Development (AMDD)

Principles and Practice of Agile Unified Process
1. Simplicity
2. Incremental Change
3.Multiple Models
4. Quality Work
5.Embrace Change
6. Maximize Stakeholder Investment
1. Active Stakeholder Participation
2. Create Simple Content
3.Create Several Models in Parallel
4.Depict Models Simply
5. Display Models Publicly
6. Model in Small Increments
7.Use the Simplest Tools
8. Single Source Information
9. Prove it With Code
10. Apply modeling standard
Life Cycle of AUP
It consists of four phases they are
Inception phase- Identify the project scope, stakeholder Acceptance
Elaboration phase- Architecture of the system
Construction phase- Generate the code.
Transition phase- validate and deploy the system into

Productive environment
Disciplines of AUP
Understanding the business organization.
Identify the solution to the problem.
Executable code and perform unit testing.
Finding the defects.
Validating and verifying the system against the user requirements
Delivery of the system
Configuration Management
Controlling and managing changes
Project Management
Assigning the task
Project is delivered on time and within the budget
Standards and guidelines.
Hardware and software are available to the user.
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