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Adobe tool for Technical communication

August 10, 2009
Create, manage, and publish technical information

Introducing Adobe Technical Communication Suite software  a complete solution for authoring, managing, and publishing interactive instructional information

from technical documents and books to online help systems, knowledge bases, interactive training, and eLearning content in multiple formats and languages.

Adobe Technical Communication Suite is revolutionizing the industry for technical communicators and writers. Instead of using an armful of individual products to

complete projects, technical communicators can streamline workflows, reduce opportunities for error, add interactivity and rich media to technical documents

and help systems, as well as improve collaboration and the reviews process, all by using the only single major software solution available on the market today

Adobe  Technical Communication Suite. As a long time industry veteran, I m impressed by the level of integration and features found in the suite and

recommend it as the fundamental software for anyone in technical communication to own.

With the Technical Communication Suite, you can enjoy integration and enhancements you wont get if you purchase the individual applications separately.

Link FrameMaker source files to RoboHelp projects, and easily update RoboHelp topics when linked source files have been modified. Also take advantage of

improved integration with Adobe Captivate and RoboScreen Capture in FrameMaker.

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