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US outsourcing

August 7, 2009

Forrester Research said that:

  1. Eventhougth America economy is growing well but some effects are:
  1. A survey indicates that less than 10% of American workers loose jobs due to American Job outsourcing which makes the picture clear that the problem is somewhere else.
  1. A total of 3.3 millionIT jobs will be moved overseas in between 2000-2015.
  1. White-collar jobs will be sent offshore¬タヤabout 220,000 a year on average¬タヤincluding 473,000 hardware and software computer jobs, 226,000 sales jobs, 184,000 architecture jobs, 75,000 legal jobs, and 1.66 million back-office jobs
  1. Forrester estimates that the wages lost from moving all these jobs offshore will total $136 billion by 2015.
  1. While we worry about our education system and graduation rates, we’re overlooking the real problem¬タヤthat globalization is rapidly leading to critical research and development functions moving offshore.

  1. The telecom industry highlights this issue, and points to the need to develop a plan to encourage businesses to keep operations and critical research in the U.S
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