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Top 100 Network security tools

August 7, 2009
A Security application makes network safer.The Security Explorer platform provides real-time interactive management of access controls and security on Microsoft servers and workstations.
Security Explorer gives the IT professional the power to manage, search, duplicate, backup and recover permissions and security across the network from a single centralized console.

Security Explorer overcomes the difficulties encountered when using native tools to manage security. Backup, restore, search, grant, revoke, clone and export functions take management of permissions to new levels.

These are some of the network security tools listed below.Inorder to know in detail about network security tools please check the below link.
Top 100 security tools are listed in detail.
ᅡᄋ Nessus : Premier UNIX vulnerability assessment tool
ᅡᄋ Netcat : The network Swiss army knife
ᅡᄋ Ping/telnet/dig/traceroute/whois/netstat : The basics
ᅡᄋ OpenSSH / PuTTY / SSH : A secure way to access remote computers
ᅡᄋ Dsniff : A suite of powerful network auditing and penetration-testing tools
ᅡᄋ NetStumbler : Free Windows 802.11 Sniffer
ᅡᄋ THC Amap : An application fingerprinting scanner
ᅡᄋ Superscan : A Windows-only port scanner, pinger, and resolver
ᅡᄋ Aircrack : The fastest available WEP/WPA cracking tool
ᅡᄋ Netfilter : The current Linux kernel packet filter/firewall
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