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Top 10 Software Mashups

August 7, 2009

Software Mashups :

Top 10 Software Mashups :

* Virtual Places – which is a mashup of Virtual Earth, and various Internet Connected Components (including Amazon,, Flickr, Feedmap, GeoBloggers, GeoURL, MSN Search and MapPoint).
* Weather Bonk –
Weather Bonk is a mashup that lets you view real time weather information on a map
* – Digg + slashdot + —-
popular are a regular browsing cycle for some folks so the mashup combines them into a unified format, eliminates duplicates and adds a few extras. It¬タルs brand new so it will likely go through refining shortly .
* Flash Earth – Flash Earth is an experimental that uses satellite and aerial data from online mapping sites without official consent.
* Adactio Elsewhere -Jeremy Keith combines a variety of personal information from across the web in one place via Ajax scripting and the APIs from, Flickr, Amazon, and

* Where’s Tim Hibbard?
* 2RealEstate Auctions
* Elicit – Desktop Blog Client that integrates many RSS and Web Services for creating blog content.
* Flickrmap –, which combines Google Maps with galleries of photos from taken at specific locations
* Streampad
Rest of software mashups
* Travbuddy ¬タモ
It is a social networking Web site specializing in connecting travellers. The site was created by brothers Eric Bjorndahl and David Bjorndahl and launched in 2005 . The site allows users to find travel buddies, create travel based blogs, upload travel photos and to review bars, restaurants, hotels and attractions.
* takes real-estate listings from and merges it with Google Maps to show houses for sale in North America in a graphical format.

Steps to create a mashup
By susitra subramanian, On 2/15/08 11:10 AM
Steps to create a mashup :

Step 1 :


* GPS device

* Digital camera –  if you wish to capture media for our map.

* computer that will run Firefox

* webserver

* The Firefox browser

* The Greasemonkey Firefox plug-in

* The google maps user annotation script

* Text Editor to edit your XML file

Step 2 :

Decide what the topic  of your web mashup is going to be. Pick an application that you think  would bring value to someone  and that  you would enjoy coding .

Step 3 :

Gauge  your skills to see if  you are capable of making the type of mashup you want to see. Assess your programming skills and be honest with yourself  about your capability to  be able to code the  mashup . If you know that your programming skills aren’t good enough yet , then brush up on  your programming  skills using  online tutorials  or courses that will teach you what you should know.

Step 4 :

Determine from where you are going to get  the data  to create your mashup . For example ,  if you are going to create a mashup that shows a map  of the united states and locations  where pictures were taken  in the u.s ., you may  wish to  use data  from on online  photo site  and online  mapping site.

Step 5 :

Sign up with the  services  from where  you are  going to get the  data  for your mashup and wait for the appropriate approval .

Step 6 :

Select a tool  to help you create  a mashup .  There are some mashup tools  on the internet so do a quick  internet search  to see if there is a tool  that will help you create  the mashup you want.  There are some tools such as mapbuilder and wayfaring that can help you create basics without coding .

Step 7 :

Start the coding .

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