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SAP NetWeaver

August 7, 2009

NetWeaver is the integrated technology platform and is the technical foundation for all SAP applications. It is marketed as Service-oriented application and integration platform. SAP NetWeaver provides the development and runtime environment for SAP applications and can be used for custom development and integration with other applications and systems. SAP NetWeaver is built using open standards and industry de facto standards and can be extended with, and interoperate with, technologies such as Microsoft .NET, Sun Java EE, and IBM WebSphere.

The following are the advantages of the SAP NetWeaver

  1. More Flexible
  2. Better integrated with applications
  3. Built on open standards to ensure future interoperability and broad integration
  4. Provided by a vendor that is financially viable for the long term

NetWeaver is essentially the integrated stack of SAP technology products. The SAP Web Application Server (sometimes referred to as WebAS) is the runtime environment for the SAP applications — all of the mySAP Business Suite solutions (SRM, CRM, SCM, PLM, ERP) run on SAP WebAS

The SAP NetWeaver includes the following products

  1. SAP Web Application Server
  2. SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI)
  3. SAP Enterprise Portal
  4. SAP Master Data Management (MDM)
  5. SAP NetWeaver Mobile
  6. SAP Business Information WareHouse

Development tools

  1. SAP Enterprise Portal Content Studio
  2. Visual Composer
  3. SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio
  4. SAP Netweaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI)
  5. Java PDK
  6. Web Dynpro
  7. Web Dynpro for Java
  8. Web Dynpro for ABAP
  9. ABAP Workbench
  10. .NET PDK
  11. SAP Composite Application Framework – an environment for designing and using composite applications


The following are the features of NetWeaver

  1. SOAP and Web Services
  2. Interoperability with Java EE (WebSphere)
  3. Interoperability with .NET (Microsoft)
  4. Integration of Business Intelligence
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  1. August 19, 2009 4:29 pm

    Your site is very cool..
    Information on Netweaver is really good..
    Thanks a lot..

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