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Red hat Liinux

August 7, 2009
It is also an open source. It was developed by ret hat in 1995.
Red hat Linux is a first Linux distribution to use RPM as its packaging format. RPM means redhat package management. It is a collection of tools to automate the process of installing, upgrading, configuring and removing software packages from a computer.
Red hat Linux is installed with a graphical installer called Anaconda, Intended to be easy to use for fresher. Anaconda has a one ¬タワkick start file¬タ?.
It can be used to automatically configure the installation, allowing users to run it with minimal supervision.
Kick start file is a computer network installation tool set used primarily but not exclusively by the red hat enterprise Linux OS. To perform network based OS installation and configuration. The logo of red hat linux is,
Lot of people use it.
It is designed to be easy to use.
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