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Real-Time Middleware

August 7, 2009

Real-time is characterized by the right data being provided on time otherwise it is no longer the correct data.
The real-time middleware supports time-sensitive request and scheduling policies. It does this with services that improve the effectiveness of the user applications. Real-time middleware can be divided into different applications using them. These include a real-time database application, sensor processing, and information passing.
There are several types of real-time middleware products or services available today.
Some of these (TANGO, OASIS, GOPI, DRE, and TMOSM) will be discussed in the rest of this section. Real-time information passing middleware has increased dramatically with the introduction of the Internet, wireless networks, and new dissemination-based applications.
These applications are required to disseminate data to a large number of users like stocks and sports tickers, traffic information, electronic newspapers, and entertainment broadcasting.
Strengths of time-dependent middleware are:

They provide a decision process that determines the best approach for solving time-sensitive procedures.
They can assist the operating system in the allocation of resources to aid time sensitive applications to meet their deadlines.

Weaknesses of the real-time middleware are:

It is difficult to integrate security and fault tolerant services with real-time computing. This is because additional processing (sometimes extensive) needs to be performed to provide the security and fault tolerant services.
Because the middleware may need to manage threads that will affect the scheduler (inside the kernel), extra execution overhead will be incurred.

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