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Real-Time Computing

August 7, 2009

Real Time Computing (RTC) is the study of Hardware and software Systems which are subject to Real Time Constraint. That is Operational dead lines from event to system response. The needs of real-time software are often addressed in the context of real-time operating systems, and synchronous programming languages, which provide frameworks on which to build real-time application software.

There are three major fields are there in Real Time Computing

1.      Time is the most precious thing to manage Real time system. Task must be assigned and scheduled must be completed before their deadlines. Messages are sending and receive in the timely manner.

2.      Reliability is crucial, failure of real time system could cause an economical disaster or loss of human lives.

3.      The environment under which a computer operates is an active component of Real-Time System.

Example of Real-Time Computing

The anti-lock brakes on a car are a simple example of a real-time computing system; the real-time constraint in this system is the short time in which the brakes must be released to prevent the wheel from locking. Real-time computations can be said to have failed if they are not completed before their deadline, where their deadline is relative to an event.

The concept of Real-time is used in different areas.

1.      Aerospace

2.      Simulation

3.      Medical

4.      Semiconductor

5.      Automotive

6.      Factory Automation

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