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Outsourcing Services

August 7, 2009
1. Managed Services:
  1. Managed service provider is a company that receives income from services, typically on a monthly or year basis.
  1. Recently, a managed service provider is a company that manages information technology (IT) services for other companies via the Internet.
  1. Common services provided by managed service provider include remote network, desktop and security monitoring, patch management and remote data back-up, as well as technical assistance.
  1. Managed service providers sell managed services and offer several different price structures. Most commonly used is a month or year fee, but managed service provider can also charge a time andmaterial model as well as price per desktop, server, or network device
  1. They promise to monitor their client’s IT infrastructure and resolve any issues that arise within it. This provides peace of mind for the client, as well as predictable recurring revenues for the managed service provider
  1. Remote technology is also rapidly moving forward in the world. Remote tools allow these managed service provider to virtually control the companies entire network operations off-site without ever having to step foot into the company.
  1. There are drawbacks and limitations that managed service provider face, as there is still a need for On-site repair; such as hardware, and break-fix work.
2. Information technology services (IT):
IT Outsourcing that involves an external service provider to manage a specific application, including all related activities like server management, networks administration, and software development/upgrades.
The services are:
  • Web site development
  • Software development
  • Database Development
  • Network outsourcing.
  • Software Testing.
Information technology enabled services (ITES):
1. Information technology enabled services, or ITES, is a form of outsourced service which has emerged due to involvement of IT in various fields such as banking and finance, telecommunications, insurance, etc. Some of the examples of ITES are medical transcription, back-office accounting, insurance claim, credit card processing and many more.
2. Firms usually from developed countries outsource such services to countries like Egypt, India, Bangladesh, China, Romania and Philippines in order to gain from large talent pool and low labor cost.
The services are:
1. Call centers
2. Payroll
3. Finance functions and activities
4. E-publishing
5. Book keeping services
6. Accounting
7. Human resources
8. CAD services
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