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Network & security

August 7, 2009
FTP (File transfer Protocol):
File Transfer Protocol is used to share files on the internet.FTP is a method used to transfer files across the internet using an FTP client program.FTP is an application protocol that uses the Internet¬タルs TCP\IP protocols.
A central computer called FTP Server holds all the files to be shared.All modern operating systems contain in-built FTP client software and popular web browsers like Internet explorer can also be configured to run FTP clients.Security option can be set on the FTP server requiring clients to supply a valid login name and password.
Bunch of computers connected together across multiple networks (whole servers and computers connected together).
Bunch of computers connected together on the same network.(inside the company).
Set of rules used to govern communications between computers on a network.
TCP\IP Protocol:
Transmission control protocol,used for the reliable transmission of data over a network.TCP\IP protocol is first established in 1982 by DCA and quickly adopted by the Department of Defense.TCP\IP protocol was created so that two different computer networks could have a common language to talk with each other.
HTTP(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol):
It is used to pass information back and forth between web servers and clients.If you visit a website or web page,look at the address in the web browser if it  begins with the following http:// this means that your web site is talking to your browser using unsecure language.
HTTPS (Where S stands for secure):
Https was developed by Netscape Corporation to allow authorization and secured transactions.If the web address begins with https:// this means that your computer is talking to the website in a secure language so that no one can hack your information such as credit card and bank details.
SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol):
SMTP is a TCP\IP protocol used for sending e-mail.SMTP is used to operate over internet port 25.SMTP that is widely used in Europe is X.400.Using Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol,we can transfer multimedia files through e-mail.Today most of the SMTP protocol has built in authentication.
POP3 (Post Office Protocol):
POP3 is a standard protocol for retrieving e-mail.POP3 protocol controls the connection between a POP3 e-mail client and server where e-mail is stored.It download e-mail that comes from across the internet to our e-mail account.It authenticate our credentials on the server.
IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol):
IMAP is a protocol for retrieving e-mail messages.IMAP4 is a latest version,similar to POP3 but supports some additional features.IMAP was developed at Stanford University in 1986.You can choose which messages you want to download to your machine when it is in the mail server itself.
SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol):
SOAP is an XML based protocol that lets you activate applications or objects within an application across the internet.SOAP is just XML and HTTP combined to send and receive messages over the internet.
Business to Business Integration – SOAP allows businesses to develop their applications,and then make those applications available to other companies.
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