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Modeling Tools

August 7, 2009

ᅢᅠ AgileJ StructureViews : custom reverse-engineered class-diagrams

ᅢᅠ Altova UModel : GUI UML editor

ᅢᅠ Borland Together: UML modelling tool

ᅢᅠ Cadifra UML Editor : UML diagram editor for Windows

ᅢᅠ CaseComplete : Use Case and Requirements management tool including

Use Case diagram

ᅢᅠ ConceptDraw 7: diagramming tool for Windows and Mac.

ᅢᅠ eRequirements: free web-based requirements-management tool.

ᅢᅠ Microsoft Visio: a diagramming tool that also supports UML

ᅢᅠ MyEclipse : An Eclipse – based IDE . Professional Edition includes UML


ᅢᅠ Poseidon for UML: commercial version of ArgoUML

ᅢᅠ PowerDesigner: by Sybase; supports UML 2.0, data-modeling, business-

Process modeling – round trip engineering.

ᅢᅠ Rational Rose : by Rational Software (sold to IBM  in 2003); supports UML ᅢᅠ   Rational Rose XDE : an “eXtended Development Environment” in the

Tradition of Rational Rose; supports UML 1.x

ᅢᅠ Rational Software Architect: Eclipse-based UML 2.0 tool by the

Rational Division Of  IBM.

ᅢᅠ SmartDraw: UML-diagram tool for Microsoft Windows.

ᅢᅠ Use Case Studio: a use-case authoring tool by Rewritten Software. Free

For Educational use.

ᅢᅠ  Visustin: reverse-engineers UML activity-diagrams and flow-charts

ᅢᅠ Visual Paradigm for UML: supports UML 2.1, data modeling and

Business modeling.

ᅢᅠ   Visual Use Case: Use Case and Diagramming tool.

ᅢᅠ   ArgoUML: a Java -based open source free UML modeling tool, closely

Follows the UML standard.

ᅢᅠ   Use Case Maker: a use cases management tool.

ᅢᅠ Violet UML Editor: an easy-to-use Java-based UML Editor; fully

Integrated into Eclipse.

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