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Mashup companies

August 7, 2009

Mostly companies use Mashups, because they are cheap and easy to build. Here are some top companies listed below :

*      International Business Machines Corp. and Microsoft Corp.,  recently released easy-to-use mashup-building tools.
*      IBM in February launched QEDWiki, which provides developers with a portal where they can choose which applications to include in a mashup and define how they want these applications to work together.
*      Microsoft’s mashup tool, Popfly, works with its SharePoint collaboration software. Google Inc. has let developers make mashups with its popular mapping software since 2005.
*      WSO2 is the open source SOA company building a complete, lightweight, easy-to-use SOA platform of an  mashup server. It is  openly developed and released under the Apache open source license.

For eg . , if you take this WSO2 company . It provides  the highest level of services around SOA and webservices. Lets see the versions :


WSO2 is the open source SOA company founded by pioneers in Web services and of members of the Apache Software Foundation Web services community. The company is delivering a new, entirely open source middleware stack that is optimized for Web services and SOA.


Application server, an enterprise service bus, a mashup server, a registry & repository

Mashup in WSO2 :

The open source Mashup Server for the first time combines the simplicity and richness of mashups with the reusability, security, reliability and governance required for a service-oriented architecture (SOA). These mashups can be published, shared, rated, tagged, commented upon, and searched to maximize their value to the enterprise.

The WSO2 Mashup Server provides a unique and powerful platform for consuming information in a variety of forms including Web services, HTML, and feeds, processing and aggregating that information, and publishing the result as a new Web service.

Versions released in Mashups:

General features :
*      mashup script using JavaScript
*      API documentation
*      WSRequest – invoke services from the mashup services
*      File : File storage/manipulation functionality
*      Scraper: Taken data from HTML pages and present in XML format.

First version:
*   Released on 6th july 2007
*   v 0.1 version ¬タモ mashup server
*   license issued by  apache license v2.0
*   WSDL ( Web Services Description Language ) Here it defines services as collections of network endpoints, or ports.
*   WSDL2 version is used.

Second version :

*  Released on 4th October 2007
*  V 0.2 version ¬タモ mashup server
*  License issued by apache licensev2.0
*  WSDL1.1 version is used.
*  WSDL2.0 version is used.

Third version :

*   Relesed on 19th December 2007
*   1.0 Beta ¬タモ mashup server
*   License issued by  apache license v2.0

Fourth version :
*    1.0 ¬タモ mashup server
*    Improved user management support for administrators
*    Improved sharing and downloading of mashups based on user accounts
*    Special private folder to store private data for each mashup

Upcoming versions:
*   Improved tooling support.
*   An expanded toolkit of generic building-block services.
*   Improved access control.
*   Samples and tools to use mashups in even more places like portal and widget.

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