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Mashup Awards

August 7, 2009

MashupAwards is a showcase of the best web mashups with awards taken on a daily and monthly basis.

Mashup of the month – February – Semapedia

This site  connects  the virtual and physical world by bringing online information and physical places together.

Technologies used in semapedia  includes :

*      Wikipedia, Google Maps and Flickr Technology

*      Server – new sun fire T2000server – by sunmicrosystems

*      Platform – Solaris 10 , Java , Ruby On Rails.

*      Networking – Faculty of Computer Science, University of Vienna.

*      License – GPL-licensed iec16022 2D

*      For Communicating – FutureKitchen GmbH and CScout

Mashup of the  day starts from 1st of  Feburary-:

1-02-2008 : Semapedia
This helps to connect the virtual and physical world by bringing the right information from the internet to the relevant place in physical space.
Mapping,Mobile ,Photos.

4-02-2008 : InSuggest
This mashup allows users to search or randomly browse flickr images or photos. The interface is clean, intuitive and pleasant to use definitely worth a look.
Ajax , Flickr .

5-02-2008 : SocialGraph
Socialgraph : The Social Graph API makes information about the public connections between people on the Web easily available and useful for developers.
Google , Social.

6-02-2008 : One Hit Wonders
View all the top one hit wonders on in a single, slick interface. , Music.

7-02-2008 : Flicktionary
A fun mashup of flickr and gaming.
Flickr , Fun and games

8-02-2008 : BlogWorth
Using Technorati’s API this mashup computes and displays your blog’s worth using the same link to dollar ratio as the AOL-Weblogs Inc deal.
Blogging,Fun and games.

11-02-2008 : BidFlyer
Change the way you use eBay with this slick web GUI.
Commerce , Flash , ebay

12-02-2008 : Search the Beat
Easily find free mp3’s and videos related to your favorite artist with this unique mashup search engine.
Music , Search

13-02-2008 : Top20Hotness
This mashup shows trends on Google, Yahoo and Amazon, while also acting as a customizable search engine that can be added to your browser toolbar.
Feeds , Search

14-02-2008 : DealsCloud
Like the classified ads in the form of a tag cloud, this mashup compiles various deals from popular online vendors.
Adversting , Feeds , Commerce

15-02-2008 : Googlupon
Like StumbleUpon, only harnessing the power of google. Easily search and catalog pages of image, video, news, blog, and book content.
Fun and games , Google , Search

18-02-2008 : Commuter Feed
Commuter Feed is a free service that lets you post reports on traffic and transit delays in your local area using Twitter.
Feeds , Travel ,Twitter.

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