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List of Protocols

August 7, 2009
Layer 1 Protocols (Physical layer):
ᅡᄋ Modem standards/ITU V-Series Protocols used to communicate between analog modems over voice telephone lines.
Layer 2 Protocols (Data Link Layer):
ᅡᄋ CDP Cisco Discovery Protocol
ᅡᄋ DCAP Data Link Switching Client Access Protocol
ᅡᄋ L2F Layer 2 Forwarding Protocol
ᅡᄋ L2TP Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol
ᅡᄋ LLDP Link Layer Discovery Protocol
ᅡᄋ LLDP-MED Link Layer Discovery Protocol – Media Endpoint Discovery
ᅡᄋ PPP Point-to-Point Protocol
ᅡᄋ PPTP Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
ᅡᄋ SLIP Serial Line Internet Protocol (obsolete)
ᅡᄋ STP Spanning Tree Protocol
ᅡᄋ VTP VLAN Trunking Protocol
Layer 3 Protocols (Network Layer):
ᅡᄋ ARP Address Resolution Protocol
ᅡᄋ BGP Border Gateway Protocol
ᅡᄋ CLNP Connectionless Networking Protocol
ᅡᄋ EGP Exterior Gateway Protocol
ᅡᄋ EIGRP Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
ᅡᄋ ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
ᅡᄋ IGMP Internet Group Management Protocol
ᅡᄋ IGRP Interior Gataway Routing Protocol
ᅡᄋ IPv4 Internet Protocol version 4
ᅡᄋ IPv6 Internet Protocol version 6
ᅡᄋ IPSec Internet Protocol Security
ᅡᄋ IPX Internetwork Packet Exchange
ᅡᄋ RARP Reverse Address Resolution Protocol
ᅡᄋ RIP Routing Information Protocol
Layer 4 Protocols (Transport Layer):
ᅡᄋ TCP Transmission Control Protocol
ᅡᄋ UDP User Datagram Protocol
ᅡᄋ SCTP Stream Control Transmission Protocol
Layer 5 Protocol (Session Layer):
ᅡᄋ NCP NetWare Core Protocol
Layer 7 Protocol (Application Layer):
  • AFP, Apple Filing Protocol
  • BACnet, Building Automation and Control Network protocol
  • BitTorrent, a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol
  • BOOTP, Bootstrap Protocol
  • Diameter, an authentication, authorization and accounting protocol
  • DICT, Dictionary protocol
  • DNS, Domain Name System
  • DHCP, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  • FTP, File Transfer Protocol
  • Gnutella, a peer-to-peer file-swapping protocol
  • Gopher, a hierarchical hyperlinkable protocol
  • HTTP, HyperText Transfer Protocol
  • IMAP, Internet Message Access Protocol
  • IRC, Internet Relay Chat protocol
  • Jabber, an instant-messaging protocol
  • LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
  • MIME, Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
  • MSNP, Microsoft Notification Protocol (used by Windows Live Messenger)
  • NetBIOS, File Sharing and Name Resolution protocol – the basis of file sharing with Windows.
  • NNTP, News Network Transfer Protocol
  • NTP, Network Time Protocol
  • NTCIP, National Transportation Communications for Intelligent Transportation System Protocol
  • POP3 Post Office Protocol Version 3
  • RADIUS, an authentication, authorization and accounting protocol
  • Rlogin, a UNIX remote login protocol
  • rsync, a file transfer protocol for backups, copying and mirroring
  • RTP, Real-time Transport Protocol
  • RTSP, Real-time Transport Streaming Protocol
  • SSH, Secure Shell
  • SISNAPI, Siebel Internet Session Network API
  • SIP, Session Initiation Protocol, a signaling protocol
  • SMTP, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  • SNMP, Simple Network Management Protocol
  • SOAP, Simple Object Access Protocol
  • Telnet, a remote terminal access protocol
  • TFTP, Trivial File Transfer Protocol, a simple file transfer protocol
  • WebDAV, Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning

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