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Jikes Compiler

August 7, 2009

format defined in The Java Virtual Machine Specification.

You may think that why the world needs another Java compiler, considering that Sun provides javac free with its SDK. Jikes has five advantages that make it a valuable contribution to the Java community.

The advantages of Jikes are as follows.

1. Open source. Jikes is OSI Certified Open Source Software. OSI Certified is a
certification mark of the Open Source Initiative.

2. Strictly Java compatible. Jikes strives to adhere to both The Java Language
Specification and The Java Virtual Machine Specification as tightly as possible, and
does not support subsets, supersets, or other variations of the language.

3. High performance. Jikes is a high performance compiler, making it ideal for use with
larger projects.

4. Dependency analysis. Jikes performs a dependency analysis on your code that
provides two very useful features: Incremental builds and makefile generation.

5. Constructive Assistance. Jikes strives to help the programmer write better code in
two key ways. Jikes has always strived to provide clear error and warning text to assist
the programmer in understanding problems, and now with release 1.19 Jikes helps
point out common programming mistakes as documented in Effective Java.

These are the five main advantages of Jikes Compiler.

The original version was developed by David L. Shields and Philippe Charles at IBM but was quickly transformed into an open source project contributed to by an active community of developers. Initially hosted by IBM, the project has subsequently been transferred to SourceForge. Among its accomplishments, it was much faster in compiling small projects than Suns own compiler and provided more helpful warnings and errors.

* The Jikes compiler was released in binary form in April 1997 on the IBM alphaWorks site. Jikes for Linux was released on 15 July 1998.

* The source code is available under IBMs Public License, which has been approved by the OSI (Open Source Initiative) as a fully certified open source license.

* The latest release of Jikes Compiler was Jikes 1.22.

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