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IT outsourcing

August 7, 2009
IT Outsourcing that involves an external service provider to manage a specific application, including all related activities like server management, networks administration, and software development/upgrades.
First generation of IT outsourcing:
  1. In the 1990s, companies began offshoring application development and maintenance, especially Y2K work. With the urgency surrounding Y2K, companies could not find enough IT resources onshore, so they hired offshore firms.
  1. Year 2000 bug fixes and low-level coding projects.  Now,offshore developers are starting to work on higher-end projects such as Web applications, XML, and software design and architecture work.
  1. In the early 2000s, IT outsourcing expanded to other processes such as help desks and technical support. Originally, companies headed for Ireland, but as Ireland became more costly, they changed course and went to India.
  1. India¬タルs IT business continues to grow 30.7% annually with revenue of USD $ 40B annually in the year 2006-2007.
  1. Projected shortage of 3 million IT workers in 2010 and 10 million IT workers in 2020 globally.
IT Outsourcing Services:
  1. Web site development
  1. Software development
  1. Database Development
  1. Network outsourcing.
  1. Software Testing.
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