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August 7, 2009

iRMX is a Real-Time Operating System developed by the Intel. It is an acronym for Real-time Multitasking eXecutive. They can develop this Real Time Operating System specifically for the Intel 8080 and 8086 family processors. Intel developed iRMX in the late 1970s and originally released it in 1980 to support and create demand for their processors and Multibus system platforms.

Effective 2000 iRMX is supported, maintained, and licensed worldwide by TenAsys Corporation, under an exclusive licensing arrangement with Intel.

iRMX is a layered design which containing a kernel, nucleus, basic I/O system, extended I/O system and human interface. An installation need include only the components required, are intertask synchronization, communication subsystems, a filesystem, extended memory management, command shell, etc. The native filesystem is specific to iRMX, but has many similarities to the original Unix (V6) filesystem, such as 14 character path name components, file nodes, sector lists, application readable directories, etc.


iRMX supports multiple processes (known as tasks in RMX parlance) and multiple threads are supported within each process (task). In addition, interrupt handlers and threads exist to run in response to hardware interrupts. Thus, iRMX is a multi-processing, multi-threaded, pre-emptive, real-time operating system (RTOS).

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