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Introduction for shares and mutual funds

August 7, 2009
Hi friends,
If you are a beginner then better start with Mutual Funds then steps into the market, usual the markets trades on speculation if Ur caught on the wrong side then never will come back to the markets.
U should start with mutual funds and daily follow the movement of the shares, to gain knowledge.
If you want to buy and sell shares on your own, you have to register with any SEBI registered broker.
You will need a PAN CARD and Savings bank account with cheque book facility. This is the mandatory for all investments and opening a DEMAT ACCOUNT.
Demat account provides some banks (UTI,SBI and so on) and depository participants (India info line, karvy, unicon securities, cub share brokers, integrated enterprise, Religare, Motilal oswal and so on)
Then Find out the brokerage for your depository participants. They will ask you 0.5 percentage of brokerage for buying and selling the share.
Demat account for shares are like savings account for your currency. Your holdings are held in digital form. Whenever you sell, you need to issue a delivery instruction slip which will be provided by your depository participant. Shares bought will directly go to your demat account
For investment share differ from one man to another. Hence take decision very wisely before making an investment
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