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Creational Pattern

August 7, 2009

Creational Pattern is about creating instance for an interface class. If we are creating n instance in n Concrete class of our application, each instance occupy the application memory required, nevertheless the instance is used or not, which reduces application performance and increases the memory usage. This category makes us to create all the required n instance in an interface class and that interface is implemented in the n concrete classes, now n instance is available for n concrete classes. Main objective of creational pattern is to create all the instances in interface class and let the concrete classes will have access to it. So there is no need of creating any unwanted instance inside the class. Developers to make sure that object is not used any more with in the class then it should be released and instance should be created only when needed.

Some of the creational pattern are:
Abstract Factory, Factory Method, Builder, Lazy Initialization, Object pool, Prototype,  Singleton.
Singleton is commonly used creational pattern which will have only one instance for a class.
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