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Certified for best company in outsourcing

August 7, 2009
Certified for best outsourcing company:
1. ISO9001:2000
The ISO 9001:2000 is the latest certification level relevant to software development. The ISO systems emphasize customer satisfaction and maintainability as the highest priorities, and all processes and documentation have to be primarily geared towards these two factors.
2. Six sigma:
Derived from the Japanese manufacturing industry, this system of Quality was made famous by its adoption by General Electric across its organization. The system emphasizes defect removal as the most important activity of the Quality organization.
SEI is a software engineering institute; it developed a framework called as capability maturity model (CMM).In CMM it has five levels each represent different categorizes that is level1(lowest) level5(highest).
5. Optimizing
Continuous Process Capability Improvement
4. Managed
Quantitative measurement of process
3. Defined
Software process defined and institutionalized
2. Repeatable
Project Management process institutionalized. Gaps in technical practices
1. Initial
Key Project Management and Tracking inconsistent
To know about company is good or bad. And it is useful to clients by the way of avoid risk, time, customer satisfaction.
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