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Architectural explanation of Pricing and Partnership

August 7, 2009

Architectural explanation of Pricing and Partnership

This following diagram shows the roadmap of the priers and partner.


Lot of employment opportunities available for a pricier and the partners, you want to become a pricing professional, the most critical skills needed to be an effective.
>> Problem solving as the most important,
>> Followed by communicative skills,
>> Quantitative program knowledge,
>> Achieving established goals,
>> Performing as a team player and

>> Having organized work habits.


The Pricing Professional Society conducted a survey to know the employee satisfaction level of pricier.
Asked pricier to rate their level of job satisfaction in a number of categories:
>> 84% are satisfied knowing that pricing is vitally important to their company,
>> 74% find their career challenging and
>> 72% said they are satisfied with the respect they receive from their peers.
>> 37% are either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with the training opportunities provided by their company, and
>> 34% are dissatisfied with the recognition and acknowledgement they receive from the company.
So how to improve that situation, the major things like,
>> Improve better communication and support from upper management.
>> Also participate more training and better working tools.
>> More staff and better compensation


The Certified Pricing Professional designation (CPP) is a multi-stage training curriculum designed to support, educate and elevate the pricing professional.

Pricing Management continues to grow in importance for today￯﾿ᄁ￯ᄒタ￯ᄒルs corporations. As the only organization that exclusively supports pricier.

The Professional Pricing Society has developed a certification program that will offer state of the art training for people new to pricing and advance courses for the experienced pricier.

Priciers with the CPP designation will not only have a working understanding of pricing strategies and techniques but also have training specific pricing issues unique to their industry.


In the enterprise level, there are many kind of perspective occurred.

Organization perspective: The entire organizations or industries target is to reach maximum profit, maximum sales and maximum production through a good pricing strategy and with help various partnerships.

Corporation Perspective: To increase various relationships with customers, reach latest trends and perform the more level of the achievements.


Various Role related with the pricier to be

>> Vice President
>> Director
>> Manage
>> Analyst

Various Roles related with partnership business like,
>> Active Partners
>> Sleeping Partners
>> Nominal Partners
>> Minor Partners.


White Papers & Case Studies

1. Professional Pricing Society Pricing for Profitability: My Practical Guidelines for Executives Everywhere

2. Servigistics Maximizing Profitability with Optimized Service Parts Pricing: A Benchmark Study

3. Servigistics Service Parts Pricing: The Hidden Profit Lever

4. Professional Pricing Society Year End 2006 Survey of Pricing Professionals

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