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Various Definitions for Framework

August 6, 2009

Various definitions for Framework:


  • A framework is a basic conceptual structure used to solve or address complex issues.
  • The framework is built from a set of concepts linked to a planned or existing system of methods, behaviors, functions, relationships, and objects..
  • A framework is a set of classes which handles the flow necessary to perform a complex task, but which requires plug-in classes specific to your application (database, app server),and which allows for additional plug-in classes to extend the functionality.
  • A Framework is a collection of patterns.
  • A framework is a suite of packages using which applications (or the logical layers of applications), with all the functional and non-functional requirements, can be developed and hosted.
  • A framework is a physical and usable piece of code.
  • A framework is an “environment” that you create for a specific problem so that a solution might get out of it. The idea of environment implies a possible expansion, i.e. a framework is scalable.

A general specification that is collection Of classes and Interfaces APIs that are designed to work together to handle a particular type of Problem.  Framework is a skeleton of code used for developing an application.

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