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Technology Content to be written in iblog

August 6, 2009


1.1 Workflow Lifecycle

1.2 Industries

1.3 Expertise

1.4 Domain

1.5 Verticals

1.6 Horizontals

1.7 Solution

1.8 Products

1.9 Services

1.10 Companies

1.11 Hardware

1.12 Network

1.13 Operating System

1.14 Database

1.15 Middleware

1.16 Programming Languages

1.17 API

1.18 Framework

1.20 Pattern

1.21 Model

1.22 Enterprise Architecture

1.23 Tool & Techniques

1.24 Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

1.25 Minimal requirements of a customer

1.26 SATORI diagram

WorkFlow LifeCycle

The workflow lifecycle aims at explaining the various stages involved in any business such as

BUY, STORE, CREATE PRODUCE, MANAGE and SELL. A brief explanation of these stages is required for an

overall understanding of the general processes involved in any business.


The various industries and how they relate to software.


This section should elaborate in detail the various hardware components like CPU,ROM,RAM etc

of which the PC is comprised of.


The Network section is meant to explain the network components like routers, switches, gates

and firewalls.

Operating System

This section defines what an OS is and the different types of OS introduced by companies like

SUN, IBM, MICROSOFT, and APPLE and so on.A brief description of each of these OSs are required.


Definition for database and the different types of databases like Enterprise DB, MYSQL, SQL

SERVER and ORACLE and DB2 should be explained in this section.


A brief explanation about different types of servers such as HTTP server, Web sever and Application Server

is required here.

Programming Languages

The various types of programming languages should be discussed in detail.

Ex. Open source JAVA, PHYTHON, RUBY


A detailed explanation about Application Programming Interface


Should describe about .Net Framework, MVC Framework


Microsoft, Sun, Object Oriented Patterns


An explanation of UML, Use case, workflow, etc is required.

Enterprise Architecture

Web services, SOA, AJAX, Web 2.0,Web 3.0 ,etc should be explained in this section.

Tool & Techniques

Tools should be explained here

for ex. IDE,Development Tools, Testing Tools and so on.

Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

An explanation of the various stages in the development of a software product is required in this


Minimal requirements of a customer

The basic features of any software product as expected by any customer such as

Multi-language, multi-currency and user-friendly behavior ought to be explained in this section.

SATORI diagram

Diagrammatic representation of the technical aspects.


Expertise consists of those characteristics, skills and knowledge of a person (that is, expert) or of a

system, which distinguish experts from novices and less experienced people.  A clear Explanation about

this Expertise should be required here


Area of Expertise


Software packages that are designed for a particular industry such as banking, insurance or

manufacturing. With definitions and examples


Software packages, such as word processors and spreadsheets that are used in all industries (banking, insurance, etc.). With Definitions and Examples


Problem solving techniques


Sun, Microsoft, apple, IBM and etc should be explained in detail


Explain Service in technical terms


Service Providers ex. Microsoft, Sun, IBM like wise

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