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Sub-cultures of United States Of America

August 6, 2009

Regional subcultures : There are a number of differences within regions in america including cuisine, history, commodities, prevalent industries, political tendencies, and natural topography.

Individual business cultures:Regional background should be taken into account when learning about American businesses. Individual factors including industry, business structure, management, and business mission also play a strong role in shaping an individual business culture. Those wishing to do extensive business within one region in the US are well-advised to spend some time researching that area in particular.

American worklife:
Topics: Sports , Travel , Food , Music, Movies, Books .
Companies: People in the US are working increasingly in telecommunications, information technology, service and manufacturing jobs, and less and less in agriculture and forestry
Working hours: Americans work long hours, take, on average, two weeks of vacation, and spend a lot of time doing work-related travel [either commuting to work by car or travelling to visit clients.

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