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State of the Enterprise 2.0

August 6, 2009
Industry analysts, CIO, and business leaders around the world are continuing to try to read the levels. And then comes to the subject of Enterprise 2.0, the increasingly popular discussion of using Web 2.0 platforms in the workplace. Enterprise 2.0 brings real hit for the money by making the daily work of organizations measurably more productive, efficient, and innovative.
1. Enterprise 2.0 is going to happen in your organization
The organizations about blogs, wikis, and other types of Enterprise 2.0 applications being brought in the back door via use of department budgets and corporate credit cards by virtue of on-the-ground worker initiative. Grass roots adoption of Enterprise 2.0 in this respect is highly suggestive of the original personal computer days when employee long for better tools. Enterprise 2.0 is now happening on its own in many organizations and it¬タルs up to the business and IT to not so much take control but to enable it withthings such as effective enterprise search and which helps prevent silos and duplicate.
2. Effective Enterprise 2.0 seems to involve more than just blogs and wikis
Enterprise mash ups enable for user created Web applications what enterprise blogs and wikis for user created content and structure. Predictive market products BRAIN platform and online innovation facilitators such as innocent are other potentially more sophisticated examples of Enterprise 2.0 platforms. Social book marking is also starting to gain speed in the enterprise as way of providing a rich information discovery mechanism internally.

1. Enterprise 2.0 is more a state of mind than a product you can purchase.
2. Most businesses still need to educate their workers on the techniques and best practices of Enterprise 2.0 and social media.
3. The benefits of Enterprise 2.0 can be dramatic, but only builds steadily over time.
4. Enterprise 2.0 doesn¬タルt seem to put older IT systems out of business.
5. Your organization will begin to change in new ways because of Enterprise 2.0.
The FLATNESSES, which itself captures yet another important aspect of Enterprise 2.0, its democratic nature. FLATNESSES is show in the diagram below containing these three key aspects added to SLATES.

Finally also added one more capability to the new mnemonic, network-oriented, to reflect that all these aspect of Enterprise 2.0 must apply not only to applications that are fundamentally delivered over a network but that their content be fully Web-oriented, addressable, and reusable. The atomization and portability of information, such as what RSS has enabled, has been vital to the successful growth of Enterprise 2.0 and Web 2.0 that many organizations.
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