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Some Issues to consider while forming new community

August 6, 2009

Issues to Consider
The people who wants to start a new community will probable have a better idea of what type of community they should organize and the people also have an idea that who and what type of people should visit the community and who can join in the particular community.
These are the crucial issues one should keep in mind and based on these issues only we can choose the tools to be used and the type of community can be formed.
The following are the small checklist of issues to consider when you decide what tools will work best for your community.
If your user will work from the home or from work?
Home Users
Often slower connections
May be not state of the art equipment
Don¬タルt have technical support available for them
Visitors coming from work
May have faster connection
Probably have good software and updated one
More likely to be windows users
Technical support may be available.
Will your user be in one time zone or not?

How many users can u predict for your group?

Are there any physical limitations to share in your group (Like low vision, mobility restrictions, etc.)

How technologically u can expect your user to be?

Will you need access to shared schedules, software like Microsoft projects, etc with which to collaborate?

Will most of your user speak same language?
Public Vs Private Communities
Another decision you should take in mind is that the community should be public or private. This is the case you should consider for the user like will it be open for all the user or if they need some kind of application to be made to met before access or granted?
If its private then who should decide to get in the user request and what¬タルs the criteria?

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