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positive steps for interaprenuer

August 6, 2009

It increases the sense of individual accomplishment and enhances the bottom line.  Organizations do this by supporting and rewarding Intrapreneurship.

Some positive steps to accomplish this include:
  • Encourage people who display the characteristics of the entrepreneur.
  • Recruit people with entrepreneurial backgrounds.
  • Provide incentives for creative ideas and release time for the development of new products and services.
  • Generate a looser, freer flowing culture where people are encouraged to take risks.  Periodically declare a recess or sponsor retreats where brainstorming can occur and people can give birth to ideas.
  • Encourage everyone to get involved in the activities of their department.
  • Share financial data so that individuals can see the impact of their decisions on the bottom line.
  • Promote people who take risks and learn from their mistakes.

–    Employees who exhibit a predisposition to entrepreneurship can become frustrated in a medium to large organization.  Their creativity begins to wane under the structure of bureaucracy and their zest for new ideas dissipates during the day-to-day routine of their jobs.  Some people will strike out on their own and start new businesses.  Some people will suppress their entrepreneurial spirit and deny their potential. Still others will never discover theirs.

–   Engage the Entrepreneurs in your organization. Transform them into Intrepreneurs and harvest their positive energy.

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