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Microsoft Solution Framework(MSF)

August 6, 2009

Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) is a set of principles, models, disciplines, concepts, and guidelines for designing applications from Microsoft.

Guidance to help organizations be more successful delivering IT Solutions

A collection of principles, processes and best practices grouped into ¬タワModels & Disciplines¬タ?

Framework for project management

ᅡᄃ         Team Model

ᅡᄃ         Process Model

ᅡᄃ         Risk Management

A ¬タワFramework¬タ?

ᅡᄃ         Can be used in place of a method

ᅡᄃ         Integrates well with existing processes and procedures

Can be combined with methods

ᅡᄃ         MSF is a platform for reducing risk

ᅡᄃ         Pieces of the framework are often useful no matter the situation¬タᆭ look for the best practices

ᅡᄃ         Use to identify gaps in existing processes or methods


Originally based on best practices within Microsoft product development and IT organizations, the   Microsoft Solutions Framework was created in 1994 and developed into standardized training courses to  promote consistency and effectiveness within the Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) organization.
Research and customer feedback has contributed to the improvement of the MSF models, principles and best practices as well as the evolution of the MSF course offerings.

Since 1994, companies have been using Microsoftᅡᆴ Solutions Framework (MSF) models, principles and   practices to achieve the maximum business value when successfully managing distributed technology   projects.

MSF structures projects for success by aligning business and technology objectives, proactively managing risk, and optimizing resources and processes.

The potential rewards of using MSF in your organization are better business solutions developed in less time by fewer people.

This is why Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) consultants widely use MSF techniques on projects. In fact, many enterprise clients send their entire staff for MSF training after seeing the results from MCS.

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