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August 6, 2009
What is exercise?
Exercise is also known as physical activity and includes anything that gets you moving, such as walking, dancing, or working in the yard.  You can earn the benefits of being physically active without going to a gym, playing sports, or using fancy equipment
Why do we need it?
It is necessary for each one of us to do some sort of physical activity. Well, most of us are under the impression that only overweight people need to exercise. But this only a myth. In fact all of us need to exercise to keep fit and active. Not only do the exercises help in shaping your body, but also provide you strength and energy to perform your day-to-day activities efficiently. They help to keep you away from the clutches of diseases.

Exercising acts as a great stress relieving remedy that helps in rejuvenation. The best time to exercise is in the morning. Depending on your choice, you can choose the kind of workout you would like to go in for. There are distinctive types of workouts available for you, like if you enjoy the cool refreshing morning breeze, then you can opt for walking. Walking is a mild exercise and if you have a companion with you to walk along, then nothing like it. For a more high intensity workout, jogging can serve as the best deal.

If you are suffering from some sort of health ailment, then it is advisable for you to consult a doctor first and then decide your exercise program. During summer time, swimming serves as the perfect workout of the season. At the end of the day, whatever workout you choose to opt for, incorporate some muscle stretching exercises in it for the warm up and body cooling down session. Eat healthy and exercise regularly to increase the longevity of your life and to make it a comfortable journey.

By now you know that exercise is good for you, and that you should do something on a regular basis. What’s the best time for you to exercise? Anytime. Honestly. For example, when you’re sitting and watching TV, stretch your muscles. Never stretch so hard it hurts. Rather, stretch to the point of mild tension and hold the stretch for 10 to 30 seconds.
A healthy exercise program includes three kinds of exercise: aerobic activity, muscular strengthening and flexibility exercise. You can start your exercise program without investing in any elaborate equipment. For example, you can do simple exercises at home or at your desk at work, including sit-ups, push-ups and pull-ups.
For basic body weight exercises, weight-lifting equipment isn’t required. Head for the kitchen and pick up the soup cans you have in the cupboard.
Aerobic activity can be fun:
The good thing about aerobic activity is that it includes many of the sports you probably already enjoy. Walking, biking, hiking, dancing, swimming, even basketball are all examples of aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is definitely good for cardiovascular health and fitness. And here’s something else you’ll like: Aerobic activity can help you lose weight.
You could even turn shopping into an aerobic activity. Shopping is walking, so don’t stop for 10 minutes straight and you’ve worked in one of your daily sessions! Check with your local mall for mall walker programs, and you’ll have company.
Good exercise all around the house
If you do housework or yard work, you’re doing yourself a favor. The stretching and lifting housework entails is good exercise. So is work you do outside. Yard work uses many muscle groups, especially activities like planting and working in the garden.
Raking uses your arm and back muscles. Digging gives your arms and legs a workout. And gardening provides a bonus: You’ll have more fresh vegetables and fruits to add to your diet.
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