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Entrepreneurs vs. Intrapreneurs

August 6, 2009

Let¬タルs face it, when under pressure to grow, organizations of all kinds look to their roots and their previous successes for answers.

Rekindling business growth inside an organization often represents the toughest challenge to a maturing organization.
Can it regain its entrepreneurial spirit and continue to thrive despite its mature culture?
By turning to Intrapreneurs, the company hopes it can have the best of both worlds. It can work if owners follow the above steps.
Intrapreneurs, by definition, embody the same characteristics as the Entrepreneur, conviction, passion, and drive.
The more the Intrapreneur expresses himself, the more the company is forced to confront its own effectiveness.
If the company is supportive, the Intrapreneur succeeds. When the organization is not, the Intrapreneur usually fails or leaves to start a new company.
–  Every effective worker has Intrapreneurial traits that may or may not culminate in an Entrepreneurial life.
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