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Enterprise Social Software

August 6, 2009
Social software used in enterprise is called Enterprise Social Software. It includes social and networked modifications to company and other software platforms. The web 2.0 technologies for rich internet application included to enterprise. It¬タルs provided for software as service, and using the web as a general platform.
Blogs and wikis are collaboration tools, and as such, they are useful mainly for sharing unstructured information associated with on going projects and processes. Social technologies work to address such complexities. The following software¬タルs are manage the enterprises.
1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
2. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
3. Human Resource Management (HRM)
4. Product Date Management (PDM)
5. Sales Force Automation (SFA)
These are all used in enterprises in various levels. It is used to develop the high level enterprise collaboration and better quality of the output. How can they help us in the tools? .These are all helps to the following key areas.
Knowledge sharing and management
Problem solving
Knowledge Sharing and Management
It is one of the most uses for enterprise 2.0 technologies. Today most of corporate knowledge is shared through e-mail and intranets.
E-Mail is one-to-one or one-to-many communication. Intranets have run by small communication team that has to guess what information is relevant to generation. The tools are Blogs and Wikis enables many team members to contribute to a knowledge sharing.
The following enterprises to develop some projects are used for knowledge sharing and management.

Use of Enterprise 2.0
Corporate Adaptor
Collaborative Document Productive
Patent Manifesto
Team ware
Catalogue Internet and Intranet Content
Knowledge broadcast
Visual Studio Documentation
Share Financial highlight
Sun, General Motors
Communicate directly with Customer on a Blogs
Problem Solving
One application is to set up an online, where relevant information about fast changing situation can be gathered. Most of us have not had a problem describing the technology that falls under SLATES.
S ¬タモ Search
L ¬タモ Links
A ¬タモ Authorship
T ¬タモ Tags
E ¬タモ Extensions
S ¬タモ Signals
It is prime examples as it is defines a set of technical patterns and solve the problems. The first is to offer a solution that solves basic needs across enterprises. The second one is to Selling in to existing vertical markets. That means you are building an Enterprise 2.0 specific toolkit for an industry that needs it. The following enterprises to develop some projects are used for problem solving.
Use of Enterprise 2.0
Corporate Adaptor
War Room
Defense Intelligence Agency
Nascent threats and situation monitor
Sharing Computing Power
Share the Raw Data
Net Connected Computer
A more basic application for business is in the follow for innovation. The enterprise is finding that product development can be so fast moving that there are advantages to outsourcing some innovation online. The following key points are to innovate the enterprises.
1. Business Synthesis ¬タモ the integration of business requirements and technical opportunity.
2. Idea ¬タモ Sharing the idea
3. Collaborate ¬タモ through a verity of web 2.0 tools and other application to refine the idea.
4. Prototype ¬タモ CIO provides open hosting for application, and helps with technical execution.
5. Early Deployment ¬タモ CIO provides services for innovators from hosting to evolutions.
6. Evaluations ¬タモ Formal and informal through CIO
7. Result ¬タモ Ranges from quick failure to production of new customer offering
Use of Enterprise 2.0
Corporate Adaptor
Broadcast Search
Colgate – Palmolive
Used as innovation tools
Expressing collective judgment
Used to estimate metrics
Collecting customer feedback
Users product
The Enterprise Collaboration module brings together the best minds in your company and connects them to your business partners, suppliers and customers, to streamline efficiencies, gain market advantage and save you money.The Enterprise Collaboration Portals are central online meeting places where people share ideas, store project-specific information, establish procedures review and discuss documents and deliverables, resolve issues, make decisions, and get work done.
Use of Enterprise 2.0
Corporate Adaptor
Customer relation
General Motors
Chevy Tahoe
Transformative ideas
Innovation Jams
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