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Enterprise 2.0 helps to Innovation

August 6, 2009
In today¬タルs globally competitive business environment, the only way to generate a constant stream of above average profits is to generate a constant stream of innovations. To generate a constant stream of innovations, you need to empower the people can come up with all those innovations for you. To do that, you need to take your knowledge workers and turn them into innovation creators. You do this by augmenting existing communication tools with additional powerful tools.
The Enterprise 2.0 tools are very useful to help the innovation of the organization. The tools are Blogs, wikis, tagging, CRM, HRM, ERP and RSS help distribute information efficiently through out an entire organization. Someone with a good idea can write about on an appropriate internal blogs. The blogs provides the platform for giving good ideas much needed attention. Also Social Networking tools are connection between the universal organizations. These tools are used to easy to share the data. So develop the fast communication between the organizations and surely develop the enterprises.
Innovation is the key for Company Success
In today globalize environment, your company must be continuously innovating. Specifically, your organization must develop new products, new services, and better customer and provider relationships while simultaneously improving efficiency. If your company fails to innovate, it will be quickly determined out of business. If you only try to improve your existing processes otherwise there is no innovation expected in your organization.
Enterprise 2.0 is a new role innovation Creator
Every day of your working, you will contribute to web pages called blogs. For the last few years, these blogs have existed on the public internet. They have been used by article, sharing photos, a few real journalists and writing live diaries.
The developed companies will start to use a new wave of innovative enterprise 2.0 tools to authorize their knowledge workers. These tools are different from the web pages you are used to because they are designed to help you create, rather than simply consume.
This will change as companies start to use a new more interactive class of web-based tools. These new web applications will help you stand up and broadcast to the world, or at least to everyone in your company. By telling people who you are, and what you are trying to accomplish, you will gain a new ownership over the projects you are trying to complete, and you will be given a new power to find the support and cooperation you need to make profitable results.
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