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Enterprise 2.0 Benefits

August 6, 2009

1. Quickly create websites for group projects
2. Streamline collaborative content creation across departments and with external partners
3. Easily categorize, retrieve and use all types of files
4. Facilitate grass roots knowledge exchange
5. Engage external user communities
6. Easily search and find content stored in disparate repositories
7. Enable large scale collaboration and content sharing
8. Enable cataloging of rich media assets, PDF files, etc.
9. Encourage content reuse and repurposing
10. Enable large files and a high volume of content to be shared broadly without creating a    system bottleneck
11. Provide secure access to content stored in external repositories
12. Simplify creation of customized workflows
13. Ensure business processes are supported and content follows appropriate approval processes
14. Provide version control
15. Ensure an efficient process
16. Quickly find and share digital assets stored in disparate repositories
17. Enable large scale sharing of digital assets
18. Make use of digital content throughout the organization
19. Flexible deployment to support business needs for scalability and security
20. Promote content reuse and leverage existing infrastructure
21. Extremely easy integration
22. Open and extensible
23. Save time and eliminate duplication of effort in content creation
24. Easily create community around the brand online
25. Enable a feedback channel from the user community to the organization

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