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Domain Engineering

August 6, 2009

A Domain engineering is the process of  reusing the domain knowledge

in the production of  new software systems.

The process of identifing  domains, bounding them among the systems  in the

domain . This information is captured  in models that are used in  the domain implementation to create  such as

reusable components  or applications generator that can be used  to build new systems in the domain is called

domain engineering.

Advantage & disadvantage of domain-specifi Language(DSL)
By Kannabiran Govindaswamy, On 2/15/08 3:07 AM

1. Domain-specific language is allow solutions to be expressed in the idiom and overview of problem

domain.domain experts can understand the validate,modify and also develop domain specific

programming language.

2. Self documenting code.

3. Domain-specific language improve ,

a. Quality

b. Productivity

c. Reliability.

d. Maintainability.

e. Portability.

f. Reusability.

4. DSL allow validation at domain level,


1. Cost of designing,implementing,and maintaining a domain specific language.

2. Finding ,setting  and maintaining proper scope.

3. Difficult to balance the domain specifiy and general purpose programming language.

4. Loss of efficency when compared with hand-coded software.

5.  Hard or impossible to debug.

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