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Domain Analysis

August 6, 2009

Features-Oriented Domain Analysis: A Feature oriented analysis(FODA) is a domain analysis Method based upon identifing the features of the class systems. FODA affects the 1. Maintainbility 2. Understandability 3. Reusability Focus of analysis: The FODA process is divided into three phases: * Context Analysis: The purpose of context analysis is to dafine the scope of the domain. Relationship between the domain and external elements . The result are documented in the context model example Block Diagram, Structure Diagram,and Data Flow diagram) * Domain Modeling: Once the domain is scoped ,the domain modeling provides steps to Analyse the commonalities and differences addressed by the application in the domain and poduces several domain models. These domain modeling consists of three major activities. 1. Feature Analysis. 2. Information Analysis. 3. Operational Analysis. * Architecture Modeling: This provides a software solutions for a application is the high level design for application domain,is defines the process for allocating the features ,functions,and data objects defines in the domain models.

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