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Disadvantage of Groupware

August 6, 2009

Disadvantage:- Groupware are quite useful tools but it is difficult to convince people to use it.In order to implement it within your company, you would need to train people how to use it, for if they feel uncomfortable with it, they won’t use it. As with any type of technology there will always be challenges. Many of the problems with GroupWare were based on the fact that it cannot be successful unless a critical mass of users chooses to use the system. However, there is a low level of education in the business community concerning GroupWare and its nature. This leads to a built up fear in organizations to invest in GroupWare that could end up being useless. For example, having a videophone is useless if you are the only one who has it. Another disadvantage that contributes to this problem is the notion of interoperability, which refers to the lack of compatibility that two systems may share, rendering them useless. The largest disadvantage of groupware is the environment. There are several advantages of face-to-face communication that are not found in groupware. When involved in a groupware environment, it is a challenge to observe gestures and facial expressions and hear voice inflections. If team members have never met before, it is often advantageous to have a face-to-face meeting so that they may tell themselves with the other￯﾿ᄁ￯ᄒタ￯ᄒルs learning and decision-making skills. Environment ᅡᄋ Not getting face-to-face interaction ᅡᄋ Facial expressions ᅡᄋ Body language ᅡᄋ Tone ᅡᄋ Loss of personal relationships in group related projects ᅡᄋ Loss of individual ideas Features ᅡᄋ Too complex to know applications ᅡᄋ Mistakes with the data by inexperienced users ᅡᄋ Abusive users ᅡᄋ Personal privacy Cost ᅡᄋ Implementation ᅢリ Server and Networking Hardware ᅡᄋ Training programs ᅡᄋ Technical Support ᅡᄋ Operating Network Speed, Reliability, & Compatibility ᅡᄃ Older systems. ᅡᄃ Conditional on computers and networks which can fail. ᅡᄃ Conditional that all users be computer educated. ᅡᄃ May lack compatibility between two systems.

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