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Difference between Framework and Design Pattern

August 6, 2009
A framework is a suite of packages using which applications (or the logical layers of applications), with all the functional and non-functional requirements, can be developed and hosted. .                A design pattern suggests a solution for a recurring design problem in an application and the solution is generally open for future extensions.
A framework is an “environment” that you create for a specific problem so that a solution might get out of it. The idea of environment implies a possible expansion, i.e. a framework is scalable… A design pattern is a “model” u follow in order to get a solution for a specific problem. But here, such a model is not limited to one unique problem… There is a possibility that another problem could be solved following the same pattern.
It’s very hard to reuse existing domain objects Patterns are very easy to reuse across different projects.
A framework is a physical and usable piece of code A pattern is a logical design solution to a given kind of problem.

Framework is associated closely to a product. A change at the framework level means change in the product behaviour. But a change in the design pattern means change in logic or maybe replacement by another established pattern
A general specification that is collection Of classes and Interfaces APIs that are designed to work together to handle a particular type of Problem. Framework is a skeleton of code used for developing an application.

Eg: Struts based framework
(Action Classes, Configuration Files) grouped together called Framework

In order to make a design (Architecture) of application we go for the many design patterns. A pattern describes a proven solution to a recurring design problem. Design patterns are used in the framework

Eg: We are using the Struts framework through persistence Layer design patterns

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