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database collaboration

August 6, 2009
For develop our knowledge with current industry, we need to some recent inventions or collaboration with industries here, I would like to say about collaborative performance with Oracle and HP.
1. OpenVMS scalability with Oracle Rdb:
By tuning and using new techniques, Oracle and HP engineers demonstrated a 10-fold improvement in Rdb performance with OpenVMS on HP Alpha Server systems. This technical achievement creates the business benefit of extending the scalability and expanding the capacity of an existing Rdb environment running on HP Alpha Server OpenVMS systems. No application changes are required to take advantage of these new features. This case study discusses how this performance enhancement is created incrementally and non-disruptively in the existing hardware, operating system, and database environment.
The technical achievement arose when Oracle and HP engineers were testing an Alpha Server OpenVMS system optimized for maximum Rdb database transaction performance. The optimizations resulted in a sustained throughput of 1,811,478 Rdb database transactions per minute
This result was achieved with
Alpha Server hardware using EV7 and mesh technology
The OpenVMS operating system with performance improvements in version 7.3-2
An Rdb database with extended row caching technology And other performance improvements in version 7.1.2
The hardware used in this test was an Alpha Server GS1280
with 32 processors and 256 GB of main memory functioning as an SMP environment. Alpha EV7 chip technology and the mesh architecture deliver vastly improved performance and reduced SMP latency
Operating system:
The operating system employed was OpenVMS V7.3-2. This latest version incorporates enhancements that take best advantage of the Alpha Server EV7 technology. OpenVMS with EV7 technology scales well up to 32 CPUs on this Rdb workload and in environments that can make effective use of row caching.
The database software used is Oracle Rdb release 7.1.2.The Rdb database is specifically built and optimized for OpenVMS. This version includes enhanced row cache technologies that vastly increase the number of table rows and index nodes that can be cached. This dramatically improves database transaction performance for databases of typical enterprise scale.
For more information please view this.
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