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Conferencing Tools 2

August 6, 2009

Video Conferencing:-

In video conferencing system two or more participants can communicate using live video images. Video conferencing has to improve communications over text or audio by allowing body language and facial expressions to be seen. Since these carry a large part of the information transmitted by speech, video conferencing is much closer face to face communication rather than any other communication tools.

White Boarding:-

In the business world most conference rooms have a whiteboard, similar to a school blackboard but with colored markers instead of chalk for drawing and writing. Shared whiteboards support collaborative writing or drawing on the Internet by sending and receiving the contents of the whiteboard or drawing window to everyone who participates in the conference. Anything written or drawn on the shared whiteboard will show up on everyone’s display.

Application sharing:-

It is used for two or more users interactively work on same application on same time. This application is loaded and running in only one machine. The Application sharing is divided into 2 categories

1. Group ¬タモ aware Applications.

It can be used by a group and accepts inputs from multiple sources.

Eg (WhiteBoards).

2. Group ¬タモ unaware Applications.

It does not know where being used by number of users.

Eg (SharedScreens).

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