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Communication Tools

August 6, 2009
Groupware can be divided into 3 categories:-
1. Communication Tools.
2. Conferencing Tools.
3. Collaborative Management Tools
Communication Tools
Communication tools send messages, files, data, or documents between people to facilitate the sharing of information.
  • E-mail: Perhaps the most commonly-used collaboration tool of all time, electronic mail allows people to easily compose and send messages to one another. It is a type of asynchronous Groupware Application. It is also used to attaching files and allowed user to form groups with different criteria. It is used to posting messages directed to multiple addresses in a group. Some of the most popular commercial products are Lotus Cc: Mail, Microsoft Mail/Exchange, Banyan Intelligent Mail and Oracle Mail.
  • Instant Messaging:A form of real-time communication, used people are not forced to reply immediately to the incoming messages. For this reason some people consider communicate via Instant Message. Some systems allow the sending messages to people not currently logging on. There are several IM networks currently in use, such as Yahoo Instant Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, and MSN Messenger.
  • Blogs: Web logs, or blogs, allow people to easily publish information on a website in sequential journal format.The blog that can be edited by only the people who created the blog. Many blog that allows the reader to post their comments. There are many of the blog sites to create it for free and share our information. Some of the free sites to post the blogs are,, and
  • Discussion Forums: Online discussion or message boards allow people to post messages or questions on a specific topic. Other people can then read the forum postings and post their own comments or replies. First to registered in a web site and choose the topic to post the messages. Some of the free sites to discuss the forums are,
  • Wiki: A wiki is a collaboration tool which consists of a web page or website which is easily editable by visitors. People can easily add, remove, or modify the content of a wiki web page, that created by others. And also create their own web pages. The most popular site to create the webpage is

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