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Collaboration in Enterprise 2.0

August 6, 2009
Collaboration is the new foundation of competitiveness. Normally the term collaboration calls up images of office workers interacting effectively together. Knowledge is the ability to take effective action. The exchange of knowledge among people allows them to communicate complex ideas and to collaborate in creating value.
But the concept is changing. By ¬タワcollaboration¬タ? we mean the increasing richness of means by which objects (things, people and firms) can work together enhanced by the medium of the Internet. We have described this as the fundamental transition of the Internet from being a communications platform to a computation platform. We have investigated five cascading levels of collaboration sought by leading firms today.
Cascading Collaboration for Competitive Advantage

Level 1: Collaboration among things
Persistent computing is giving rise to ambient intelligence as we become increasingly surrounded by things that can sense and collaborate.
Object of Interest
At every major stage in the evolution of IT there has been a distinct technology and associated ¬タワobject of interest,¬タ? such as the mainframe computer and the firm; the PC and the desktop; and the handheld computer and the individual. The primary object of interest dictates where the bulk of innovation and technological advance is found.
As the Internet go through every nook and crack of the physical world, it connects a myriad of ever smaller objects. Granularity is the increasingly finer breakdown of knowledge about what is happening in the world
Ambient intelligence enables firms to scale and think about scale, in radical new ways. A world of interconnected, intelligent objects sensing/responding to ever more rough events enables firms to competethrough scale, in ways previously unimagined.
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