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Advantage of Groupware

August 6, 2009
Groupware helps increase efficiency
The idea behind groupware is to provide one central point of access information. Each individual member of a group has access to all of the information relevant to their tasks in the group project. Unnecessary work is eliminated, less time is spent searching for data, and more time is spent working on required tasks.
Groupware stimulates creativity
When collaboration is enabled, one of the resulting benefits is creativity. Ideas can be easily shared, and individuals can build off one another. With open communication, each member of the group can share new ideas and add valuable insight that can only benefit the project as a whole.
Groupware provides structure
Workgroups need structure to succeed. Every member needs to know what is expected of them, and what is expected of the other group members. This builds a level of responsibility into the group. It also provides direction as to what the ultimate project goals are, and how everyone fits into the bigger picture. The provision of one central resource point and the improvement of communication channels are two concrete ways groupware provides critical structure to a work group. Another way is by facilitating project management with schedulingand tracking tools that are usually built right into groupware applications.
Groupware helps define and enforce a process
By implementing groupware, you are establishing a means to enforce a process for how information is to flow. Documentation is serialized and records are kept on who is responsible for any changes that are made. Communication procedures can be established at the outset, and easily monitored for compliance. This helps ensure all group members are properly performing their specific tasks, and everyone is contributing as agreed upon at the project outset.
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