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Advanced Enterprise 2.0

August 6, 2009
For recently released its latest security risk management solution, McAfee Total Protection for Enterprise 2.0, which includes latest release updates such as McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise, McAfee Anti Spyware Enterprise and McAfee Policy Enforcer network access control.

Total Protection for Enterprise Advanced also has McAfee Site Advisor Enterprise added to it, which provides the ability to safely search the internet.

McAfee, said, “As computer threats become more sophisticated, security environments become more complex, managing a series of applications from multiple vendors is like driving a car with multiple dashboards. Mcafee offers powerful threat prevention, managed through a single dashboard, for greater security risk management.”

Network Access Control (NAC) is a vital component of Enterprise 2.0 and a critical part of enterprise security risk management. Mcafee NAC has three major components

1. Policy Enforcer server
2. Policy Enforcer sensor
3. Policy Enforcer scanner
Policy Enforcer is part of Mcafee’s Total Protection for Enterprise Advanced, which offers a single agent and a single management console.

McAfee Policy Enforcer integrates with the ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) management system to provide robust reporting options of compliance in corporate networks, which gives a record of “due care” taken to help prevent infections and outbreaks.

The Policy Enforcer 2.0 has NAC certification, which allows Mcafee customers who also have NAC-enabled Cisco hardware in their environment to grant network access to compliant and trusted endpoint devices (PCs, servers, and PDAs, for example) and restrict the access of noncompliant devices, thereby helping prevent damage from potential security threats.

Mcafee and Cisco provide the ability to define security policies, assess systems to determine their security posture, and enforce admission decisions with system remediation, when appropriate. Customers benefit from their existing NAC-enabled and compatible solutions and their network infrastructure.

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