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Types of Insurance

August 5, 2009

Life & Annuity Coverages

Life insurance


Health Coverages

Health insurance

Dental insurance

Disability Coverage¬タルs

Disability insurance.

Total permanent disability insurance

Disability overhead insurance.

Workers’ compensation insurance

Property & Casualty Coverages

Property insurance

Fire insurance,

Flood insurance,

Earthquake insurance,

Home insurance,

Boiler insurance.

Casualty insurance:

Automobile insurance

Aviation insurance

Boiler insurance

Builder’s risk

Crime insurance

Crop insurance

Earthquake insurance

Fidelity bond.
Fire insurance:

Flood insurance

Hazard insurance

Home insurance or homeowners insurance:

Marine insurance

Political risk insurance

Surety bond insurance

Terrorism insurance

Volcano insurance

Windstorm insurance

Liability Coverages:

Liability insurance

Environmental liability insurance

Professional liability insurance,

Directors and officers liability insurance

Prize indemnity insurance

Credit Coverages

Credit insurance

Mortgage insurance

Other Types of Coverage

Defense Base Act Workers’ compensation or DBA Insurance insurance

Expatriate insurance

Financial loss insurance

Kidnap and ransom insurance

Locked funds insurance

Nuclear incident insurance

Pet insurance

Pollution Insurance.

Purchase insurance

Title insurance

Travel insurance

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