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Standards Master 2005

August 5, 2009

Standards Master 2005:

Standards Master 2005 is an automated coding standards enforcement tool designed to make the process of maintaining and enforcing coding standards a snap. Standards Master 2005 is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005, providing flexible coding standards checking to Visual Basic .NET, Visual C#, and Visual J#.

Standards Master 2005 is very much like Standards Master 2004, though there are some key differences:

ᅡᄋ Standards Master 2005 works with Visual Studio 2005 only. Standards Master 2004 support Visual Studio 2003 only.

ᅡᄋ Standards Master 2005 provides McCabe Cyclomatic Complexity checks.

ᅡᄋ Standards Master 2005 allows you to define regions of code for which errors should not be reported.

ᅡᄋ Standards Master 2005 is 100% managed code.

The Select Files functionality in Standards Master 2005 has been expanded to take advantage of Visual Studio 2005’s extensive use of hidden source files (partial classes).

This makes it easier to ignore standards violations in code generated by the IDE.

Key Features

ᅡᄋ Standards Master 2005 is loaded with time saving features:

ᅡᄋ Flexible Naming Convention Enforcement (VB.NET and C#)

ᅡᄋ Enforce Naming conventions for variables, constants, classes, functions, events,

ᅡᄋ delegates, filenames and just about everything else.

ᅡᄋ Configure naming conventions any way you like. Support for Hungarian Notation,

ᅡᄋ Camel-case, and Pascal-case.

ᅡᄋ AutoCorrect feature corrects naming convention violations as you type. (VB .NET only)

ᅡᄋ Improved suggestion logic provides detailed suggestions for correcting standards violations.

ᅡᄋ Enforce maximum and minimum identifier lengths.

ᅡᄋ Check for forbidden identifiers.

Robust Commenting Features (VB.NET, C#, and J#)

ᅡᄋ Automatically insert header comments into your files, classes, modules, procedures, and properties with configurable templates.

ᅡᄋ Insert revision history and inline comments from templates.

ᅡᄋ Create and insert boilerplate blocks of code at the touch of a button.

ᅡᄋ Check your code for missing comments and insert them en masse as needed (VB.NET and C#)

ᅡᄋ Full support for C-Sharp XML-style comments

Simple Formatting Options (VB.NET)

ᅡᄋ Create Regions simply and easily.

ᅡᄋ Format and outline your code using configurable block structure definitions.

ᅡᄋ Configure regions to ignore standards violations in sections of your code.

Numerous Code Construction Features (VB.NET)

ᅡᄋ Flexible configuration – you choose the errors to report.

ᅡᄋ Check McCabe cyclomatic complexity for all functions.

ᅡᄋ Prohibit use of GoTos.

ᅡᄋ Require Try/Catch Blocks.

ᅡᄋ Refactor public members to private members with accessor properties.

ᅡᄋ Keep your code lean by enforcing numerous thresholds, including Lines per Class, Classes per File, Functions per Class, and many more.

ᅡᄋ Require a single exit point per function.

ᅡᄋ Automatically remove explicit “Me” references.

ᅡᄋ Enforce Option Strict, Option Compare, and Option Explicit Settings.

ᅡᄋ Require or prohibit shorthand operator syntax (i.e., X = X + 1 or X += 1)

ᅡᄋ Fix all errors of the same type at once.

Convenient Group Development Options (VB.NET, C#, and J#)

ᅡᄋ Share your standards definition files with any number of developers.

ᅡᄋ Enforce different standards for different projects in the same solution.

ᅡᄋ Check one file, a group of files, or a whole solution at once.

ᅡᄋ Mark any code as “legacy” to avoid checking code that does not have to conform to your standards.

ᅡᄋ Automatically converts existing Standards Master 2004 standards definition files.

And More…

ᅡᄋ Support for Visual Basic .NET, C# and J#.

ᅡᄋ Robust Standards Editor.

ᅡᄋ Seamless IDE integration.

ᅡᄋ Docking toolwindow lets you manage and fix standards violations while editing your code.

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