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SOW [ Statement of work ]

August 5, 2009

A statement of work (SOW) is a document used in the Systems Development (with ICN) Life Cycle. An organization desiring to have work done (i.e., the prospective customer) produces an SOW as part of a Request for Proposals. Software vendors or services companies (prospective contractors) respond with Proposals. The SOW specifies requirements at a very high level. Detailed requirements and pricing are usually specified at a later stage.

To get your project right the first time, follow these guidelines for writing an effective SOW.

Understand what a SOW is.

A SOW defines the scope of work required and the time in which it¬タルs to be performed. ¬タワIt¬タルs the cornerstone to an agreement,¬タ?. ¬タワIt sets expectations, deliverables, what¬タルs acceptable, the price, the pricing schedule. Without that, it¬タルs like saying to a contractor, ‘build me a house,¬タル without telling him when, what kind or how big.¬タ?

Know what to include.

¬タモ Major Deliverables and when they¬タルre expected.
¬タ モ The tasks that support the deliverables, as well as which side ¬タモ the hiring company or the service provider ¬タモ will perform those tasks.
¬タモ The project¬タルs governance process, along with how often governing committees will meet.
¬タ モ What resources are required for the project, what facilities will be used and whose equipment will be needed, as well as testing requirements.
¬タモ Who will pay which costs and when.

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